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Alkaline batteries have a higher energy density and a longer shelf life, which is one of the biggest reasons for their immense popularity. These are good all-around batteries for everyday electronic devices.

These batteries can withstand a long time on shelves and still maintain their capacity! But for it to be true, one must get these batteries from a reliable source. I am assuming this is exactly what you are asking.

So here are some of the reliable names in the industry to source

wholesale alkaline batteries for low prices


As the leading alkaline batteries wholesaler in China,TDRFORCE GROUP, established in 1999, calling for “Green Power For Life”, is dedicated to the manufacturing, development, research, design and export of high quality batteries at affordable prices.

Good quality alkaline cells can be recharged 5–20 times with less capacity after each recharge. Recharging alkaline cells is not recommended by alkaline cell manufacturers. They claim the cells can leak the caustic electrolyte or the gas buildup during charging could cause an explosion. The explosion is not a giant fireball as seen in movies when a car or a fuel truck blows up. If an “explosion” or a pop does occur it is because the charging current is too high for that particular alkaline chemistry. The high current causes a fast build-up of gas (H2) and pops loose one of the end caps.

In the 10-years+ of recharging alkaline batteries, I had a couple of leaking cells, but never an “explosion” or a small pop. The leaking cells were low-end cells (e.g. 4 AA cells for US$1. or freebies from a retail chain store selling tools). Only one alkaline cell brand from China has been able to sustain more than 20 rechargings. All other high-end brands can only get to about 10 rechargings before the capacity was too low to be useful.

So, yes, alkaline cells can be recharged, but only less than 10–20 times. Being someone who does not like to be wasteful, I try to extend the life of “disposable” products such as batteries. The cost of the alkaline cell charger ranges from US$15–35. The more expensive models can also charge all consumer cell sizes (AAA, AA, C, D, 9V) as well as NiCd and NMH chemistries. The cost of alkaline cells is much less than NMH and Li-ion cells. So, recharging alkaline cells will further increase savings.

Another reason to use alkaline cells is their ability to sustain 1.5V longer. NiCd and NMH cells peak out at 1.2V, so many electronic devices may not operate at its full potential at the lower voltages. My alkaline cell charger stops charging at around 1.6V and the better alkaline cells will sustain 1.45–1.55V for a much longer time than the low-cost alkaline cells.

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FUZHOU TDRFORCE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD(TDRFORCE)is 25 years factory supply Alkaline|Zinc|Button Cell|Rechargeable|Lithium|Camera Battery or AG|CR Button Cell since 1999. TDRFORCE are the most trusted brand in the industry with focus on honesty and integrity, one of the oldest and largest alkaline battery factories suppliers and manufacturers in China since 1999, TDRFORCE are very confident in both the quality & the low prices, which provide for healthy profits!

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