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Alkaline Battery Advantages and Disadvantages

Alkaline battery

 is one of the most popular batteries on the market. They are the most common due to their great versatility, adapting to all types of sizes. In addition, they are distinguished from other types of traditional options. It is because, although they have the same voltage (ability to generate energy for the appliances to work) and size as these, they last 4 to 9 times longer.

The advantage of using alkaline batteries over traditional options is that thanks to their longer life. We won’t have to replace them as often. Due to their composition, all spent batteries are extremely harmful to the environment and we have to be very careful how we dispose of them.

The consumption of batteries in our day-to-day is irremediable. But, if we use more efficient options, we will be consuming fewer resources and we run less risk of disposing of these materials incorrectly.

In this post, we will delve into this topic and tell you how these batteries work. We will also talk about the different types of batteries and the advantages and disadvantages of alkaline ones.

Characteristics of Alkaline battery?

Alkaline battery means, they compose of an electrolytic mixture that can replace the ammonium chloride of common batteries with sodium hydroxide. That is a good electrolytic conductor, or potassium hydroxide, which makes the transfer of electrons easier.

For this reason, it stores a greater amount of energy and lasts longer than the ordinary battery. Its use is more suitable for equipment that requires fast, strong energy discharges and for longer periods of supply with high currents.

This is the case for toys, digital cameras, MP3 players, games, and smoke detectors. Its durability reaches up to five times longer than that of common batteries, which compensates for its value, which is higher than that of common batteries.

How do batteries work?

In 1800, an Italian chemist and physicist Alessandro Volta had invented batteries. More than 200 years later, their basic principles have hardly changed. These batteries generate energy in the form of electrical current when two electrodes immersed in an alkaline solution react together.

The key is that this function only achieves when we place them inside an object and press the power button. By pressing the “on” we activate a circuit through which the electrons flow, causing the battery to generate the current.

How? By following these basic steps during its manufacture:

– A nail creates to which a nickel-plated steel cap is welded. This will be the negative pole.

– An anode creates through zinc, a material that releases electrons easily.

– To prevent the two electrons in the cell from coming into contact, the small zinc tube blocks with a laminated paper called a “spacer.”

– The positive pole creates with an electrode made of manganese dioxide that is mixed with graphite.

– Steel tubes manufacture that is filling with the alkaline solution in the last phase.

– The rest of the pieces assemble and that’s it!

Types of Alkaline batteries:

We can classify stacks in many ways. To begin with, we can distinguish whether they are rechargeable or not. In this case, we have decided to highlight one of the most useful classifications, distinguish them by their shape and size:

– AA battery: Known as “double A”, it is the standard size for electric batteries. It has a voltage of 1.5 V and is the one using by most products such as toys or alarm clocks.

– AAA battery: The size is directly below the standard. It also has a 1.5 V voltage but its diameter is quite smaller. More and more remote controls use this type of battery of a much more comfortable size than Alkaline Battery AA. If you want to bet on a quality brand at the best price, we recommend the Duracell alkaline battery simply AAA.

– A23 battery: This model stands out for its large voltage difference. Within the cylindrical alkaline batteries, it is the only one with a power other than 12 V instead of 1.5 V. It is the one commonly used in garage controls.

– Button: They are commonly using for small products such as watches or headphones. All have a voltage of 1.5 V and you can find different dimensions ranging from 11.6 to 15.6 mm in diameter.

– Rectangular: They are not as common as cylindrical models but there are still devices that use them. They have a larger size and different voltages, always higher than 4.5 V. Within this classification is, for example, the pocket battery.

Advantages and disadvantages of Alkaline batteries:

The advantage of Alkaline battery rechargeable is that you can recharge it easily. So that, you will not have to worry about having spare batteries at home. If the one we are using as an alarm clock on Sunday night is using up, it will be enough to charge it and put it back in the device.

On the other hand, they are more expensive than the alkaline ones and also suppose an extra outlay because we need the charger of them. Another of the main disadvantages is that normally the use of rechargeable batteries, in terms of duration, is less.

That is, if you are going to have a device turning on for a long time (such as your television remote control), we recommend using traditional batteries. Because their discharge cycle is much slower than in the case of rechargeable batteries.


– Last longer

– It can be disposed of easily

– They can be reused countless time

– They are very affordable

– You can carry them even on the plane

– Greater resistance to low temperature


– They are quite heavy

– If you will charge them with a faulty charger, they may explode

– Their chemicals are very toxic

If you have decided to buy Alkaline rechargeable batteries, you should also buy a compatible charger. A safe bet is to buy them together. That is, buy rechargeable batteries with their charger in the same package and you will know that they are fully compatible. But you can also buy Alkaline battery chargers.

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