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Alkaline battery vs rechargeable battery

Most of the users are familiar with using and sharing their electronic world between rechargeable and traditional alkaline batteries. Still, there is certain confusion when we talk about the appropriate applications for one and the other. The user with little technical knowledge will find in this article some basic knowledge about the main differences. In the following, we are going to talk about the Alkaline Battery Vs Rechargeable Battery.

Are you a user who needs to clarify some concepts about the differences between the batteries? This basic electronics article is for you. This guide will surely help you make the right decision before choosing which batteries to buy.

Difference between Alkaline Battery and Rechargeable Battery:

The main point you should know while comparing alkaline batteries vs rechargeable batteries is that the energy generates within batteries.

Thanks to electrochemical reactions that involve three fundamental elements that you should not confuse or forget that they exist. An anode, a cathode, and an electrolyte (which can be liquid, solid, or a combination of both). That serves as the physical medium for current to circulate within the battery.

During the discharge period of the battery, Anode (Negative terminal) and the Cathode (Positive terminal) occupy the largest physical space. What happens in the structure of a battery. Also, the chemical reaction takes place inside them. It occurs when it transfers energy to a circuit or when it powers a circuit.

When they’re connected to an electrical line, electrical charges flow freely between them. And from the anode to the cathode, passing through and transporting energy in the circuit to which the battery connects.

In other words: when connecting a battery to a circuit, the current of electrons circulates. It happens from the negative of the battery. The electrons are repelled from that electrode. That passes through the powered device and returns to the battery entering through the positive terminal.

Chemical Reactions:

The main difference between common alkaline and rechargeable battery is that their chemical reaction is reversible within rechargeable batteries. That is, when an electrical energy source applies to the battery, the flow of electrons arises. What happens at the time of discharge reverses.

That is, the electrons leave the negative terminal of the charger, enter through the negative terminal of the battery. In the previous scenario, they left from there, now they enter. They travel through the space occupied by the electrolyte. That returns to the charger leaving the battery through the positive terminal.

As this happens, the battery charge is restored, regenerated, recharged. Let us explain this in a few lines. We can say that the electrochemical process that takes place inside a battery is known as reduction.

And where one of the electrodes oxidizes and the other reduces and while the battery delivers energy to a circuit. The circulating electrons are not lost in consumption. But, instead change their oxidation state, returning to the battery through the electrode opposite the one they left.

Caring for the environment:

A very important fact, which we must not ignore, is caring for the environment. Using rechargeable batteries means notably avoiding environmental pollution. Despite the fact that rechargeable batteries are also made of polluting and toxic materials, numbers are very clear.

A rechargeable battery, a lifespan of 200 recharges will prevent us from throwing 200 alkaline batteries into the environment. In other words, for every rechargeable battery we use, we pollute the environment 200 times less.

Meanwhile, conscience will be the best ally to help us decide what type of batteries we need. Also, it helps us to decide what we will do with it when it no longer works.

Remember that rechargeable batteries are necessary for certain essential applications, very useful for others, and unnecessary for many. Do not think that they came to the world to solve all the energy deficiencies. Alkaline batteries still have a long way to go. For this, the small toys for children that flood any home are a clear example.

Some important factors to understand:

After two days of vacation with the digital camera in the hands of the children, users have to buy rechargeable batteries.

The same can happen to you after experimenting with small robots for two days. There doubts and fears of frustration are fought brutally with the financial outlay. That means buying the batteries and the corresponding charger.

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AA Rechargeable Batteries:

Four AA rechargeable batteries with their charger cost almost the same as 40 common alkaline batteries. This outlay of money is not so easy to do. Especially even when you do not have a real knowledge of the result that will be obtained. 

If you are a user who has just arrived in the world of technology, you must understand some simple factors. Go through the following points before making the decision.

– Rechargeable batteries need a working regime. That is, you cannot leave them abandoned and downloaded for months. Regular use keeps the internal electrochemical activity functional for a longer time. If you’re only using batteries for a week, alkaline batteries will be cheaper.

– Don’t use just any charger with your rechargeable batteries. That is, a Lithium-Ion battery charger will not be useful for NiMh batteries and vice versa.

– Compare the life of alkaline batteries and remember their capacity in mAh before deciding to buy a rechargeable battery. That is, you will not buy rechargeable batteries for remote control. You won’t buy 900mAh batteries for your digital camera either.

– Remember that well cared for, the monetary investment in rechargeable batteries is worth it. Its consumption is important and useful is regular.

Are you wondering, rechargeable batteries eternal? No, these batteries do not last forever. Sooner or later, they die and their useful life is counted in charge cycles. Typically, the life of a rechargeable battery supports hundreds of reuse cycles before gradually losing performance. Users, out of ignorance, have found a way to accelerate this process of destruction of a rechargeable battery.

Common reasons include using the wrong chargers. With them, batteries can suffer excess charges that would make them take dangerous temperatures and we must remember. You must be aware that heat is the worst enemy of batteries.


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