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Looking to buy batteries in bulk?  Searching for a good China batteries supplier? Good news. Whether you are looking for Alkaline batteries, Button Cell batteries or Zinc Heavy Duty batteries, you have just found the best Chinese supplier offering any kind of battery at rock bottom low wholesale prices.

My name is Danny Cai. I am the CEO of TDRFORCE, I have dedicated the last 25 years of my life to research, develop, manufacture & export good quality batteries of all kinds, sizes and shapes.

Guess what? Battery wholesale buyers appreciate value, buyers know a good battery when they see one, and when you combine that with a very affordable price and a customer service attitude that puts customer satisfaction above all else, you get a successful battery wholesale company called…TDRFORCE.  Yes, we have several large factories in China, and we ship factory direct. 

This article is being created for you, the battery wholesale buyer. I know exactly why you are here. You are not looking for batteries, anyone can sell a battery; you are here because you are looking for a reliable supplier. There are many export corporations and battery wholesalers in China that can take your order & ship a few cartons. This is not at all what we are about. We are not just “order takers”; we are your business consultants, and the best trading partner you can ever find.

Batteries are not a new product. It is therefore reasonable to assume that any kind of China battery supplier will be able to ship good batteries which will generate good profits for any wholesale importer of batteries.

It all boils down to customer service. Some battery suppliers in China will just ship the batteries and forget about you 5 min later, but that is not the case with TDRFORCE.

Rapid response time:

When you are looking to buy batteries wholesale, time is of the essence; we are perfectly aware that you expect a fast response, and that is what you get.

Any communication with us is seen within seconds, and reacted upon immediately. Once you send us an email, 2 seconds later managers in our sales, production & global operations departments will have phones buzzing in their pockets, we will all be aware of any kind of issue related to your order, attention and care to your matters will be swift.

From your very first inquiry about prices and shipping schedules, to the very last shipment details, your concerns are a high priority for us; we take care and handle all matters with efficiency at lightning speed.  

Selling batteries wholesale and shipping from China is not a one-time business; it is based on repeat orders. We can only succeed if you buy again and repeat your orders frequently, and rest assured that TDRFORCE will take every possible step to ensure your complete and total satisfaction with every order.  

Whether you are looking to buy alkaline batteries, button cell batteries, zinc batteries or any kind of battery, remember that TDRFORCE is a well-known, reputable and proven battery wholesale supplier based in China. 


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