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Difference between super alkaline battery and lithium battery

Technology has come a very long way to influence how we live, work, play and do almost anything we can think of. Today, we have electronic gadgets that run on different types of batteries, like a super alkaline battery or a lithium battery pack. In fact, it is almost impossible to think of a gadget that does not rely on batteries to function. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and many more gadgets run on electricity and batteries, while some run on both.

Due to the need to use our gadgets outside our homes or far away from a power supply, we need batteries to keep them on. Battery-powered gadgets give us the freedom to use our gadgets even when we are on the move.

super alkaline battery

Batteries have come a very long way

Batteries have come a very long way indeed. At the dawn of the century, we had liquid copper cells loaded with copper sulfate. Then as time went on, scientists and physicists developed ultra-thin and lightweight batteries to replace the bulky copper batteries. These new innovations had a multiplier effect on the way manufacturers make gadgets. Today, we have smaller phones, computers, wristwatches, and even tablets. Of all the modern batteries for modern gadgets, two of them rank high; a digital alkaline battery and a lithium battery pack.

Why the super alkaline battery and the aaa lithium battery is so popular

These batteries are not only affordable, but they have become very popular because they are

Lightweight: Most modern gadgets are not very heavy, but weighty batteries make them much heavier than they should be. A lithium battery pack and a digital alkaline battery are lightweight, thereby making gadgets much easier to carry.

Safety: Another reason why electronic manufacturers use them is that they are safer and rarely cause harm to the user. Stories of these batteries exploding and causing injuries are quite rare. Though they are not safe around fire and hot areas, they are very safe for use.

Affordable: The raw materials for producing a super alkaline and an aaa lithium battery are accessible and affordable. This factor makes it a cheaper alternative that the average buyer can afford.

What is the difference between Lithium and Alkaline batteries?

Now that you know why these batteries have become so popular let us review the difference between lithium and alkaline batteries. We will also reveal which of the two has a longer shelf life.

Alkaline Batteries

A super alkaline battery is a battery that contains potassium electrolytes. This battery is the most widely used in the world under the category of disposable batteries. They are commonly meant for small gadgets, and they are mostly rechargeable batteries. However, there are also one-time-use batteries that are alkaline too. Common gadgets powered by a digital alkaline battery are TV remote controls and kiddies toys.

Advantages of alkaline batteries

  • They deliver high current
  • Extended shelf life
  • Very safe
  • Efficient in low or high temperatures
  • Recyclable

Disadvantages of alkaline batteries

  • Heavy and bulky
  • Not ideal for lightweight gadgets
  • They tend to leak when mishandled

Lithium batteries

Unlike alkaline batteries, lithium batteries are much smaller and are common in wristwatches and calculators. They come in two basic categories, namely AA and AAA batteries. These two new variants are very popular with a higher power density and longer lifecycle. Lithium batteries are the ideal fit for portable gadgets.

Advantages of lithium batteries

  • Higher storage density
  • Work well in cold or hot temperatures
  • Lighter than alkaline batteries
  • Produce twice the voltage of a super alkaline battery
  • Longer shelf life

Disadvantages of lithium batteries

  • aaa lithium batteryis more expensive than an alkaline battery
  • May discharge if their close circuit malfunctions
  • Not all of them are rechargeable except lithium-ion batteries

Which of the two is better?

Which of the two is ideal for you; a digital alkaline battery or a lithium battery pack.


For starters, lithium batteries are far more expensive than alkaline, so if the price is vital for you, they may not be your favored option. However, they are more efficient, and they last longer. For instance, when lithium batteries power the same gadgets alongside alkaline batteries, lithium batteries outlast alkaline at least 8 times longer.

Another advantage that lithium has over alkaline is in the area of voltage output. All through its active lifecycle, a lithium battery will deliver the same level of voltage. On the other hand, alkaline batteries will see their voltage get weaker as their lifecycle draws to an end. So, the longer the alkaline battery lasts, the lower the voltage. As for lithium batteries, their voltage stays the same from the beginning till the end. This is why lithium is the preferred battery for emergencies, especially in the medical field.

A super alkaline battery has its strength too. Gadgets like microphones and radio sets run on alkaline because they are less likely to overheat and cause a fire. Manufacturers of domestic household equipment prefer alkaline because they are safer than lithium. Lithium batteries do not find safe passage in certain places like onboard airplanes, industrial plants, or areas exposed to extreme heat.


So, in a nutshell, a lithium battery pack may not be as safe as an alkaline battery, but they are still safe under room temperature. In terms of longevity, they last longer than a digital alkaline battery which is a big advantage if you don’t want to spend too much on frequent replacements. On the flip side, a super alkaline battery is five times cheaper than a lithium battery. So if you don’t mind changing the battery frequently, an alkaline battery is fine.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter because the gadgets you own determine the type of batteries you buy to power them.


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