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Product Description:

Portable Power Station, safe and green outdoor power solution, is a portable and rechargeable battery generator designed to provide long lasting power for all your devices when you need it, the ideal power supply in the current – pure sine wave, impact resistance, high efficiency, no damage to the equipment, can be flush with the municipal power supply, safety protection and safer use. It is an essential for working, camping, and a life saver during emergencies, our power station are quiet, fumeless, and portable, so you can use them for anything and everything, including home backup in critical situation.

Portable power station support car charging, solar charging, utility charging, and are equipped with AC outlets, DC ports, USB charging ports and Type-C ports. They can be used for smartphones and laptops. Computers to CPAP and household appliances such as electric drills, electric grills and coffee machines. Not only do they provide a reliable source of power with AC outlet, DC outlet, USB outlet, Type-C input and outlet, Wireless charging, but their ability to be easily transported allows them to go anywhere.

Large screen digital display, six-safety switches, the large screen digital display monitors the electric quantity and power in real time, and six independent safety switches are convenient for power on and power off. Soft light digital display, accurate display, the remaining power at a glance. No fear of cold, challenge of high temperature.

Whether the natural elements cut the electricity or some other emergency leaves you without power, Portable Power Station that’s powerful enough to keep your personal devices charge and at the ready so you can stay connected and entertained.Light weight, convenient and with an easy-carry handle, portable power station will become your new go-to charging solution through good times and bad.

Application Scenes:
Family emergency, outdoor travel, outdoor emergency, automobile emergency, automobile (power supply) medical rescue, field work, etc

Portable Power Station, Powering your life anywhere, anytime.

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