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Our 6F22 Heavy Duty Battery Manufacturer is manufactured to meet or exceed the exact requirements of its customers. We are committed to provide quality products, as well as providing quick services. We ensure that our products meet with the highest quality standards and perform efficiently in order to boost our customers’ productivity levels. Our team consists of experienced professionals who understand our customers’ requirements and ensure timely delivery while keeping their budgets in mind. The company has been providing the best solutions to its clients since its inception into the market.

6F22 Heavy Duty Battery Manufacturer is a great choice for your outdoor lighting. It provides a longer run time, better service life and lower cost of ownership than conventional wet-cell types. It also offers greater safety due to its safety venting design.

This 6F22 heavy duty battery features a long lifetime of up to 3 years. The longlife property is largely due to the low self-discharge rate and capacity retention characteristics, which allow for less demanding applications.


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