A13 Zinc Air Batteries are one of the most popular sizes and can be used in a variety of devices. They are long-lasting, low cost batteries which make them a top choice for many consumers. Our A13 Zinc Air Battery Supplier offers a wide range of zinc air batteries.

The A13 Zinc Air Battery is a small, round cylinder with two pins mounted on the top. The battery generates power for devices such as hearing aids, blood glucose monitors and watches. This zinc air battery needs to be charged before use.

Zinc Air battery is a relatively new battery technology and has several advantages over conventional alkaline batteries such as extremely high capacity, longer shelf live, and lower self-discharge. Zinc Air batteries are appropriate for use in low drain devices such as digital cameras, PDA’s and remote controls.

A13 Zinc Air Battery Supplier provides its customers only the best of zinc batteries for their needs. We do not only sell our products, but also provide after-sales services to ensure that every customer is satisfied.