Convenience at home is the main advantage of backup power. Imagine not worrying if your fridge, freezer or other appliance will be damaged by a power outage and you can do it all with a simple click of a button! It runs completely automatically – when the power goes off (or even during an outage when there’s no noise from an alarm or from a storm) your backup generator will kick in automatically.

If you are like me, you hate the idea of being stuck in your own home during a power outage. I always carry a backup battery charger with me in case of emergencies. This portable battery pack is great for camping, too, because you can use it to charge all kinds of devices while you’re out in the woods!backup power for home camping

The Camping Power Backup is a portable power solution, which can be used for charging multiple devices. It is designed with a robust and durable construction which allows it to sit on the ground or be placed on a vertical surface