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The China PR44 Zinc Air Battery is a type of primary battery that uses zinc as the anode and oxygen from the air as the cathode. It’s also known as Hearing Aid battery. It features a small size and a high energy density, making it a popular choice for devices such as hearing aids, medical devices, and other small electronic devices.

One of the major advantages of the PR44 Zinc Air battery is its high energy density, which allows it to store more energy than other types of primary batteries of the same size. It’s also very popular in hearing aids because of its high energy density and a relatively long life.

Another advantage of Zinc Air batteries is that they are relatively inexpensive and widely available. They also have a relatively long shelf life and can hold their charge for a relatively long period of time.

Overall, the China PR44 Zinc Air battery is a small, reliable, and cost-effective power source for a wide range of electronic devices, particularly for hearing aids, medical devices, and other small electronic devices that required a small primary power source.

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