23A 12V Alkaline cell battery for Car Remote Control


23A battery 12V Alkaline cell is very popular. 23A battery or A23 batteries provide a nominal voltage of 12V. These cylindrical cells use alkaline chemistry and have a diameter of 10.5mm and a length of 28mm.
It is single use batteries, typically used in Doorbell, Alarms, Car security alarms,remote car locking fobs, calculators and electric lighters.
The other model code for this 12V A23 batteries are 23A, 23GA, E23A, GP-23A, GP23A, K23A, L1028, LR23A, LRVO8, MS21, V23, V23GA,MN2 and VR22 batteries.
You can choose to pack pcs or 5PCS 23A Batteries in Blister Pack give consumers a low cost and reliable power.

Product selling point:
  1. Low self-discharge, longer storage time
  2. health and environmental protections
  3. Leak-proof technology, safe and durable
Buyer’s praise:
  • We use a lot of AAA batteries in the winter to light our flameless candles so this is a great buy for us.
  • TDRFORCE batteries are the best in our experience. These batteries were a great value pack.
  • reasonable price and good past experiences with these batteries
Category: 23A 12V Alkaline button battery
Model: 23A 12V 23GA, E23A, GP-23A, GP23A, K23A, L1028, LR23A, LRVO8, MS21, V23, V23GA,MN2 and VR22
Nominal Voltage: 12V
Capacity: 55mAh under test condition 20KΩcontinues discharge to 6V
Shelf life: 3 years
Shape: Cylinder
Packing: 1pc;2pcs;5pcs per blister card or by bulk, Paper box, PDQ
Battery type: Zn/MnO2
Brand: TDRFORCE or ENERGX. Welcome OEM brand
Approval by: 2013/56/EU,2006/66/ec,IEC60086,MSDS…
MOQ reference: TDRFORCE brand minimum 5000 cards;
OEM brand:10000-20000 cards
Negotiable if different quantity
FOB Port: Shenzhen


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