Portable Power Station : Whether you enjoy taking to the great outdoors on the weekend or live in an area with frequent blackouts, owning one of the best portable power stations is one of the smartest investments you can make.

Not only do they provide a reliable source of power with AC outlet, DC outlet, USB outlet, Type-C input and outlet, Wireless charging, but their ability to be easily transported allows them to go anywhere.

But, what makes these portable generators so valuable is their wide range of use. Perhaps you enjoy only partially unplugging while roughing it with the family, and you want an effective way to keep your smartphone, laptop, Mini fans, Drone, Camping Light, Bluetooth speaker juiced up while out of the house. Or, maybe you’re intent on preparing for an inevitable power outage or disaster situation. Whatever the case might be, an effective portable power station works wonders for anyone’s peace of mind.

Portable Power Station, Powering your life anywhere, anytime.

Rated Power: 500W
Rated Capacity: 519.48Wh
Standard Capacity: 3.7V/140400mAh
Overload Protection: 550±40W
AC Output: AC 110V±10%/60Hz 230v±10%/50Hz
Type-C Output: PD 60W*2
Output Wave: Pure sine wave
USB Output: QC 18W*2
Cigarret Lighter Output: 14V/8A
DC5525 Output: 14V/8A
Wireless Charging: 15W
Charging Input: 12-26V/100W Max
Weight (Net Weight): 6.8Kg
Weight (With Accessories): 8.5Kg
Working Temperature: -10~40°C
Dimension: 345*227*203mm


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