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UM3 Battery aa battery zinc battery R6. Contact us for other models of Zinc batteries!

Um3 battery or AA Carbon Zinc Batteries super Heavy-Duty are most cheap and ecomomical battery compare to alkaline battery in the market. It is in same size of alkaline aa battery LR6 AA size in dimension of φ14.5*50.5mm, but in different type of chemical formula.R6 AA battery is useful for keeping your devices powered in all sorts of flashlight, household gadgets, from toys to clock and more.The carbon zinc battery provides lots of power that remains at a consistent level throughout the life of the battery.

You can choose to pack AA zinc battery in shrink pack, blister card in 2 pcs, 3 pcs, 4 pcs, 6pcs, 10pcs, 12pcs, 15pcs, 20pcs or more

About this item

  • AA Size Zinc Chloride Battery
  • Equail to :R6P AA UM3 MN1500 E91
  • Height: 1.98 inch ;Diameter: 0.57 inch
  • 3 years life time (Show in the bottom of battery)
  • Application: MP3, Walkman, Toys, Cameras,Remote Controls,Wireless Mouse, Flashlight and so on.
Category: Carbon zinc battery,Zinc Carbon Heavy Duty Battery,Zinc Chloride battery, Super Heavy duty battery
Model: R6,AA,UM3
Nominal Voltage: 1.5V
Discharge time: 60-95mins under test condition 3.9Ω,24h/d,to 0.9V
Jacket: PVC Jacket or Aluminium Foil Jacket
Shelf life: 3 years
Dimension(D*H): φ14.5*50.5mm
Shape: Cylinder
Packing: PVC Blister card,Shrink pack, Paper blister, Paper box, Plastic box, PDQ or Display
Battery type: Zn/MnO2
Brand: TDRFORCE or ENERGX. Welcome OEM brand
Approval by: 2013/56/EU,2006/66/ec,IEC60086,MSDS…
MOQ reference: TDRFORCE brand minimum 10000 cards;
OEM brand:400000 cards
Negotiable if different quantity
FOB Port: Shanghai


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