AA lithium Battery Li-Fes2 LFBAA Low Self Discharge

AA lithium Battery Li-Fes2 is non-rechargeable battery, also be called lithium iron battery. Lithium AA battery is designed also in 1.5 voltage to replace for alkaline batteries or other ordinary 1.5V primary batteries
Compare with alkaline batteries,these batteries offer much more power, around 7 times more than alkaline battery AA. Besides that, it is in more than 10 years shelf life storage and still keep 90% capacity over 10 years’s storage.

This size is widely used in Digital Camera, micro torches, hand-held games,wireless remote controls, toys, games and other consumer electronics.

Product features:

  1. Mercury & Cadmium free
  2. Delivery long-lasting power to power hungry devices
  3. Replace for Alkaline battery, and other ordinary 1.5V primary batteries
  4. 7x power than Alkaline battery
  5. Wide operating temperature range -40°C ~ +60°C
  6. Low-self discharge rate <1% each year
  7. Long shelf life Keep 90% capacity over 10 year’s storage
  8. Environmental friendly
  9. High energy density, long life power source
  10. Specially designed to work well in all High Drain Applications
  11. Anti-leakage technology

Buyer Reviews:

A:  These are great for devices you don’t want to change the batteries in often, have them for backup in our security cameras and our keypad door locks.

B:  Long lasting.. Great for outdoor electronics.. Weather stations.. Cameras.. Work great at low Temps

C:  These batteries have incredible longevity especially in my camera and that longevity makes these an excellent value for the money.

Category: Lithium Camera Battery
Model: LFBAA, MN2400, MX2400
Nominal Voltage: 1.5V
capacity: 2900mAh
Jacket: Aluminium Foil Jacket
Shelf life: 10 years
Dimension(D*H): 14.5*50.5mm
Shape: Cylinder
Packing: Blister card,Shrink pack
Battery type:  Li-FeS2 battery
Brand: TDRFORCE or ENERGX. Welcome OEM brand
Approval by: IEC,UN38.3,MSDS
MOQ reference: TDRFORCE brand minimum 3000 cards;
OEM brand:8000 cards
Negotiable if different quantity
FOB Port: Shenzhen
Major Applications: Suitable for Electronic devices(electronic dictionary,electronic watch,electronic scale,calculator);Information devices(computer main-board,memory card,card reader,remote control)


2 reviews for AA lithium Battery Li-Fes2 LFBAA Low Self Discharge

  1. blackmar

    This is my favorite brand of battery because they last so long.

  2. spelman

    These batteries work well with security cameras. They last up to two years depending on the number of videos generated per camera.

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