3R12 4.5V batteries use zinc carbon technology to supply a voltage of 4.5V. This heavy duty cell has a weight of 110g and dimensions of 67 x 22 x 67mm.

Heavy Duty Battery 3R12 4.5V batteries is an economical,inexpensive,and reliable substitute for alkaline batteries. It is frequently referred to as a lantern battery, with it mainly being used in specialist lanterns and flashlights.

They are most suitable for devices with low power requirements and are ideal for powering bicycle lights, torches and digital clocks among other products.

This 3R12 battery will directly replace batteries with the following codes: 3LR12, MN1203, 3R25, 1289, 1203,3R12G, 3R12R.

Category: Zinc Carbon Heavy Duty Battery,Zinc Chloride battery, Super Heavy duty battery, Carbon zinc battery
Model: 3R12
Nominal Voltage: 4.5V
Discharge time: 180-250mins under test condition 11.7Ω,24h/d,to 2.7V
Jacket: PVC Jacket or Aluminium Foil Jacket
Shelf life: 3 years
Dimension(D*H): 60*22*63mm
Shape: Cylinder
Packing: PVC Blister card,Shrink pack, Paper blister, Paper box, Plastic box, PDQ or Display
Battery type: Zn/MnO2
Brand: TDRFORCE or ENERGX. Welcome OEM brand
Approval by: 2013/56/EU,2006/66/ec,IEC60086,MSDS…
MOQ reference: TDRFORCE brand minimum 10000 cards;
OEM brand:400000 cards
Negotiable if different quantity
FOB Port: Shanghai


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