Portable Power station 220V 110V AC , 300W/100000mAh Solar Generator (Solar Panel Not Included)

Portable Power Station 220v A  rechargeable battery-powered generator, the ideal power supply in the current – pure sine wave, impact resistance, high efficiency, no damage to the equipment, can be flush with the municipal power supply, safety protection and safer use.

The 300W is the ideal power station for short camping trips and power outages because of its compact size and functionality. With a 320Wh power capacity, it can power small appliances and charge up six devices at once.
They give you the power you need, anytime you need it. Our power station are quiet, fumeless, and portable, so you can use them for anything and everything, including home backup in critical situations.

Application Scenes:
Family emergency, outdoor travel, outdoor emergency, automobile emergency, automobile (power supply) medical rescue, field work, etc

Rated Power: 300W
Peak Power: 600W
Rated Capacity: 320Wh
Battery Capacity: 100000mAh, 3.2V
Battery brand and type: LiFePO4 battery
AC Output: 110V or 220V±10%
Output Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
USB Output: QC 3.0V / AFC / FCP /18W
Type-C1 Output: PD30W
Type-C2 Input and output: PD60W
Cigarette Lighter Output: 12V /10A
DC 5521 Output: 12V/10A
MPPT/DC 5521 Charging: 10.8V -23V, 3A (Max 60W)
Working Temperature: -20-55°C
Net Weight: 3.9KG
Gross Weight: 4.9KG
Dimension: 240*185*138mm

Portable Power Station 220v

Portable Power Station 220v 2 Portable Power Station 220v 3  


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