R20 batteries D Heavy Duty Battery 1.5V

R20 or D batteries is are cost-efficient cell based on zinc carbon technology. This carbon zinc R20 battery is designed to deliver reliable energy in low-drain or devices requires a low source of power

Zinc carbon battery range like D battery R20 is an inexpensive solution which is best suited to those applications and devices that require relatively low power such as larger music players, cycle lights and torches, especially Mag-Lites. For businesses and other organisations that use.

Contain no added mercury or lead. Each cylindrical D cell battery measures 61.5 millimetres in height and approximately 34 millimetres in diameter.Nominal battery potential is 1.5 Volts. These cells may also be referred to as size code UM-1 and MN1300.

Product features:

  1. Mercury & Cadmium free
  2. Long lasting & economical battery
  3. Reliable power source for medium or low-drain devices
  4. Small volume, wide range of uses
  5. Low self-discharge, safe storage
  6. Leakproof technology

Buyer Reviews:

A:  Good batteries for a good price, use it for variety of electronics

B:  The batteries were packed perfectly, no damage.

C:  No surprises in this opinion, theyre just a good strong reliable battery, no better or worse than the rest but great value folks

D:  Batteries came on time to my house. The batteries were packed perfectly, no damage.

Category: Zinc Carbon Heavy Duty Battery,Zinc Chloride battery, Super Heavy duty battery, Carbon zinc battery
Model: R20,D,UM1
Nominal Voltage: 1.5V
Discharge time: 280-630mins under test condition 3.9Ω,24h/d,to 0.9V
Jacket: PVC Jacket or Aluminium Foil Jacket
Shelf life: 3 years
Dimension(D*H): φ34.2*61.5mm
Shape: Cylinder
Packing: PVC Blister card,Shrink pack, Paper blister, Paper box, Plastic box, PDQ or Display
Battery type: Zn/MnO2
Brand: TDRFORCE or ENERGX. Welcome OEM brand
Approval by: 2013/56/EU,2006/66/ec,IEC60086,MSDS…
MOQ reference: TDRFORCE brand minimum 10000 cards;
OEM brand:400000 cards
Negotiable if different quantity
FOB Port: Shanghai


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