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TDRFORCE Alkaline battery AA LR6 AM-3 1.5V for your home garden

Using TDRFORCE AA LR6 AM-3 1.5V Alkaline battery

keep your daily devices going for longer.

Alkaline batteries AA is an excellent choice for the applications that looking for hungry power. This is top high quality batteries and can beat famous trusted brand like Duracell and Varta.

Digital alkaline battery AA designed using the latest efficient and advanced Japan manufacturing technology, these high quality alkaline batteries will save companies time and money.

Maximum power: Best used on high-drain industry devices to power telemeters, measuring instruments and medical devices such as blood pressure monitors and infusion pumps.

Ultra long-lasting performance: Digital alkaline batteries are in higher capacity with long-lasting power to your daily devices.

7 years shelf life: AA battery Digital alkaline lr6 1.5V will main optimal power for up to 7 years in proper storage for trustworthy backup energy.

You can choose to pack pcs or 4PCS AA LR6 Alkaline Batteries in Blister Pack give consumers a low cost for wholesale and reliable power.

TDRFORCE Alkaline battery AA LR6 AM-3 1.5V for your home garden

Product selling point:
Mercury and Cadmium Free
Higher capacity, higher energy efficiency
Longer service life
To meet the power need of digital high-drain products
Stable performance
Leak-proof and explosion-proof
Ideal for Branded customer

Tom who had 25 years experiences in high-drain industry has upcycled daily devices for home garden — using a power telemeter to deliver a infusion pump 15-years runtime from a single AA LR6 AM-3 1.5V Alkaline battery.

“These meet my needs and arrived in excellent condition. I’ve always had good luck with TDRFORCE batteries and I find they last as long or longer than the much advertised brand.The best batteries I’ve ever used, they really last a long time. Have bought them twice and will again.” Tom explains. “TDRFORCE batteries are great and long lasting, with good price and service.”

AA batteries might be cheap and cheerful, but that doesn’t mean they’re all the same. Different manufacturers use different chemistries and processes to make them, and there are big differences in terms of how much power the battery can supply, how long it lasts and how fast the battery loses energy while not in active use. For some purposes – when you’re powering low-drain devices such as a clock or remote control – the differences aren’t that important, but with high-drain devices like a camera, game controller or anything with a lamp, screen or motor, you could see huge differences in lifespan and reliability.

To work out which AA batteries are best for various situations, we run them in pairs in a high-powered, 500 lumens LED torch, measuring the voltage every 30 minutes. The torch requires a steady 1.5V to run at full brightness and approximately 1.2V to run at an acceptable brightness level, under which most batteries fall within 60 to 90 minutes of use. We’ll also use the batteries in a range of devices, including games controllers and portable radios, to get an idea of how well they last in lower drain gadgets or over longer periods of use.

The full project write-up, including source code and wiring instructions, is available on TDRFORCE’s batteries website.

TDRFORCE Alkaline battery AA LR6 AM-3 1.5V for your home garden

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