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TDRFORCE Alkaline battery LR14 C SIZE for high drain torches

TDRFORCE Alkaline battery LR14 C SIZE AM-2 1.5V for high drain torches.

Long-lasting power to keep your torches and radio transmitters running longer.

Alkaline battery LR14 high-quality Industrial digital C batteries are an economical choice for the devices consume C cells on a regular basis. Suitable for high demand commercial devices such as high drain torches, radio transmitters and remote controls.
These high-quality industrial alkaline batteries will last up to 10 times longer than standard alkaline LR14 C batteries and have a shelf life of up to 7 years. That means you can stock up with confidence that they’ll deliver power after being stored. so power will be available when needed most.

Certified safety – our digital c size alkaline batteries have been held to the strict requirements by 2006/66/ec and reach. With a certificate by brand lab under the standards of IEC60086, it has passed the all encompassing battery testing from performance, dimensions and environmental factors.

Product selling point:
Higher capacity, higher energy efficiency
Longer service life
To meet the power need of digital high-drain products
Stable performance,
Leak-proof and explosion-proof
Ideal for Branded customer

TDRFORCE Alkaline battery LR14 C SIZE AM-2 1.5V for high drain torches

Vincent who had 26 years experiences in high drain torches industry has upcycled a super light controller for portable lighting system — using a super light controller to deliver a high drain torches 15-years runtime from a single LR14 C SIZE alkaline battery .
“batteries are great and long lasting for my torches, with good price and service.” Vincent explains. “Same with my radios. I tested each one out of the box. They all registered 1.5 volts. They last just as long and have a long shelf life.”

For specific devices and applications, it is best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and use the recommended battery type to ensure the best performance and safety of the device.

In addition, for any electronic device, it is also important to properly handle the battery, including taking care to prevent short circuits when removing the battery from the device, and not discarding the battery randomly. These practices help ensure the safety of equipment and the environment.

If you need more detailed information or have further questions about the problem, it is recommended to consult the device’s user manual or consult a professional.

TDRFORCE Alkaline battery LR14 C SIZE AM-2 1.5V SPEC for high drain torches

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