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TDRFORCE and Panasonic and Energizer battery supplier comparison

The difference between TDRFORCE and Panasonic and Energizer battery supplier.

TDRFORCE and Panasonic battery and Energizer battery are well-known battery brands, and they have some differences in performance, price and lifespan. Here are some comparisons:

Performance and durability:

TDRFORCE battery and Panasonic battery adopt unique grid design and special diaphragm, which can provide better conductivity and leakage resistance and make it more durable. Energizer battery adopts multiple leak-proof design, which can effectively prevent the battery from leaking liquid, and its products will not self-discharge under normal use conditions. In addition, the cost performance of TDRFORCE battery and Panasonic battery is relatively high, which can provide better performance and price balance.


TDRFORCE AA and AAA batteries usually have higher capacity than Panasonic and Energizer batteries, which enables them to provide longer service life on some devices. However, this is not an absolute conclusion, because the difference of battery capacity depends on the specific model and equipment requirements.

TDRFORCE AA LR6 Alkaline Battery AM-3 1.5V is the longest-lasting AA alkaline battery and the best for high-drain devices.
AA Alkaline Battery 2900 MAh
Type AA
Battery Power Type Alkaline
Capacity 2900 mAh
Voltage 1.5V

AA LR6 Alkaline Battery AM-3 1.5V

The capacity of Panasonic and Energizer AA batteries is 2600~2800 mAh, less than TDRFORCE AA Alkaline Battery, and then the capacity of TDRFORCE AAA LR03 Alkaline Battery AM-4 1.5V is 850~1,300 mAh for game controllers, computer mice, toys, clocks, digital camera and Remote Control.

AAA battery Alkaline LR03 1.5V AM-4

With this in mind, alkaline AAA batteries feature a capacity of 850~1,300 mAh, depending on the type. Lithium batteries, on the other hand, have a capacity of 1,200 mAh. Lithium AAA batteries also have a low self-discharge compared to their alkaline counterparts, which further contributes to their long shelf life.

Environmental protection:

TDRFORCE and Panasonic battery adopt environmental protection materials, which has little impact on the environment. However, the performance of Energizer battery in environmental protection is relatively poor.

To sum up, the choice of TDRFORCE battery or Panasonic battery or Energizer battery depends on specific equipment requirements, budget and environmental considerations.

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