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TDRFORCE Battery Partners with Walmart to Offer Alkaline Battery Options

TDRFORCE Battery Co. Partners with Walmart to Offer sustainable Alkaline Battery Options

Starting this month, TDRFORCE Battery Co. will be offering its high-quality alkaline batteries at over 100 select Walmart locations. The product range includes six Alkaline battery production lines, catering to various battery needs, such as AA-40, AAA-40, Combo kit (20-AA + 20-AAA), 12-C, 12-D, and 12-9V.

This collaboration is a significant milestone for TDRFORCE Battery Co., as it marks the company’s first retail partnership in the grocery sector. Walmart, a respected and privately held supermarket chain, shares TDRFORCE Battery Co.’s commitment to sustainability and community engagement. With Walmart online and in store, Walmart is known for its dedication to environmental sustainability.

TDRFORCE Battery Partners with Walmart to Offer Alkaline Battery Options

Co-founder of TDRFORCE Battery Co., Cindy, expressed her excitement about the partnership, emphasizing the company’s mission to provide a battery that minimizes its impact on the environment. By working with Walmart, TDRFORCE Battery Co. aims to make eco-friendly batteries easily accessible to everyone.

TDRFORCE Battery Co. is dedicated to revolutionizing the battery industry by offering an eco-conscious alternative to traditional alkaline batteries. Their fully sustainable process for recycling batteries and packaging ensures maximum recycling of every component, effectively offsetting the carbon footprint associated with each step of the batteries’lifecycle.

The product range available at Walmart includes convenient packaging that also serves as a container for easy return and recycling. TDRFORCE Battery Co.’s carbon-neutral approach and innovative recycling program make it an ideal choice for environmentally conscious consumers who want to make a positive impact on the planet.

TDRFORCE Battery Co. is one of the first carbon-neutral alkaline battery company in China, focused on creating a more sustainable future. Their built-in recycling program ensures zero waste in landfills, and they offset the carbon footprint throughout the battery’s life cycle. By providing greener and more efficient power solutions, TDRFORCE Battery Co. is committed to making a difference.

As Alibaba Verified Professional Battery Supplier, TDRFORCE have 6 Alkaline battery production lines, have 10 Injection molding machine, have 7 Carbon battery production lines, have 28 Packing machine, etc. See more about alkaline batteries at https://tdrforce.com/product-category/alkaline-battery/.


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