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TDRFORCE LR20 Alkaline Battery D size for audio equipment

TDRFORCE LR20 Alkaline Battery D size AM-1 1.5V for audio equipment.

Long-lasting power to keep your radio and portable music systems running longer.

Alkaline Battery LR20 Our range of D type batteries includes both single use and rechargeable battery cells manufactured by market leading brands Duracell, Panasonic, Energizer, Ansmann, GP and Varta. D Batteries are generally used in larger devices such as portable music systems and large torches, especially Mag-Lites.

We stock premium quality disposable batteries and all our primary cells use modern alkaline chemistry, meaning they outperform traditional zinc based D batteries as well as being kinder to the environment.

The Battery Station range of rechargeable D batteries includes cost-effective standard capacity cells, as well as newer high capacity D batteries with mAh figures up to an incredible 10,000mAh. With such an extensive product range, we have a D battery to suit every need and budget.

It is in reliable performance and comply with international quality, safety and environmental standards, including IEC 60086-5,2006/66/ec, ISO 14001/9001.

Product selling point:
Low self-discharge, longer storage time
health and environmental protections
Leak-proof technology, safe and durable

TDRFORCE LR20 Alkaline Battery D size AM-1 1.5V for audio equipment

Jack and Jerry who had 15 years experiences in audio equipment industry has upcycled a super Mag-Lite for portable music system — using a super Mag-Lite to deliver a car music system 20-years runtime from a single LR20 D size alkaline battery .

“I’ve never had batteries that last for so long. I use them for my computer remote and my radios. Batteries in my remote used to last for barely a month. Now they last for what seems forever.” Jack explains. “Same with my radios. I can have them on all day, or hours at a time, and the sound stays clear.”

“Good batteries. I have a small motion detection light that I use in my refrigerator because the internal light is busted (not the bulb but something else not working). I have placed 3 batteries in the little light and haven’t had to change it in quite some time.” Jerry said.

Certain alkaline batteries can cause damage to audio equipment. This may be due to the chemicals in the battery that adversely affect the device during the power consumption process. Specific failures may include, but are not limited to, abnormal sound, noise, power problems, and equipment overheating. These conditions can be caused by the use of the wrong battery.

However, it is important to note that these results are not guaranteed and may vary depending on the device model and the type of battery used. For specific devices and applications, it is best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and use the recommended battery type to ensure the best performance and safety of the device.

In addition, for any electronic device, it is also important to properly handle the battery, including taking care to prevent short circuits when removing the battery from the device, and not discarding the battery randomly. These practices help ensure the safety of equipment and the environment.

If you need more detailed information or have further questions about the problem, it is recommended to consult the device’s user manual or consult a professional.

TDRFORCE LR20 Alkaline Battery D size AM-1 1.5V SPEC for audio equipment

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