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TDRFORCE LR20 Alkaline Battery D size for safety equipment

TDRFORCE LR20 Alkaline Battery D size AM-1 1.5V for safety equipment.

LR20 Alkaline battery D size Long-lasting power to keep your safety equipment running longer.

Alkaline D size LR20 battery measures 33 mm in diameter by 62 mm in height. This battery is also have other item code of AM-1, LR20/XL, MN1300 and MX1300.
It is in reliable performance and comply with international quality, safety and environmental standards, including IEC 60086-5,2006/66/ec, ISO 14001/9001.

Each of LR20 Alkaline Battery digital alkaline is 1.5V provide reliable portable power sources. With a generous shelf life of up to 7 years, is ideally suited for use by companies and other professional organisations who need large supplies of alkaline D cells. Commen industrial applications include powering measuring equipment, safety equipment and a range of medical devices.

Product selling point:
Low self-discharge, longer storage time
health and environmental protections
Leak-proof technology, safe and durable

TDRFORCE LR20 Alkaline Battery D size AM-1 1.5V for safety equipment

Wendy who had 19 years experiences in safety equipment industry has upcycled a super anti-leakage facilitie for car — using a super facilitie to deliver a racing car safety equipment 20-years runtime from a single LR20 D size alkaline battery .

“Batteries are great and long lasting, with good price and service, Lasted and provided power as well as any alkaline batteries I’ve used.” Wendy explains. “TDRFORCE batteries are the best in our experience. These batteries were a great value pack.”

The design, manufacture, installation, use, testing, maintenance, modification and scrapping of safety equipment, like Protective cover, protective screen, load limiter, stroke limiter, brake, speed limiter, lightning protection, moisture-proof, sun-proof, anti-freeze, anti-corrosion, anti-leakage and other facilities, shall comply with national standards or industry standards.

The full project write-up, including source code and wiring instructions, is available on TDRFORCE’s batteries website.

TDRFORCE LR20 Alkaline Battery D size AM-1 1.5V for safety equipment

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