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The American battery exhibitions 2023

Two activities called the American battery exhibitions in 2023 that may involve alkaline batteries

Alkaline battery is a common type of battery, so there are often related exhibitions and discussions in the battery industry. The following are two exhibitions that may involve alkaline batteries:

The Battery Show

sponsored by InFurman Exhibition Group, is a trade exhibition focusing on the battery industry. The exhibits include battery products, battery testing equipment, management systems, battery raw materials, recycling and battery solutions for electric vehicles, recyclable power supplies, military and communications. The exhibition is held once a year at Novi Convention Center in Novi, Michigan, USA, and the exhibition in 2023 will be held from September 12 to 14.

This is one of the largest battery exhibitions in North America, showing various types of batteries and related technologies, including alkaline batteries.

USA International Battery Exhibition

which is an activity about battery and power technology, mainly displays various types of batteries, including automobile batteries, storage batteries, mobile power supplies, chargers and so on. The exhibition is sponsored by the Battery Association of America, and various seminars and technical lectures will be held during the exhibition.

This is an international exhibition focusing on battery technology and application, and all kinds of batteries will be displayed here, including alkaline batteries.

TDRFORCE will participate in the above two exhibitions which are important activities of the battery industry in the United States. Exhibitors and visitors come from all over the world and are platforms for the industry to exchange and display new products and technologies.

The American battery exhibitions 2023

Batteries will show at the booth:
Alkaline and zinc batteries
Button cell lithium and alkaline (AG&CR series)
NIMH rechargeable batteries
USB batteries
Li-ion battery pack
chargers etc
and different packagings for consumer sales.

The American battery exhibitions 2023

Please note that the specific contents and exhibitors of the exhibition may change, so it is recommended to check the official websites of relevant exhibitions to get the latest information before attending.

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