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You also ask like this for alkaline battery

Following is FAQ between the buyer and alkaline battery factory supplier.

1.Q: What is your main range of battery ?
A:We offer Alkaline,Zinc carbon battery, Button Cell batteries like AG and CR series,Zinc Air, Rechargeable and lithium batteries etc.

2.Q:What is the price for the NIMH batteries,and primary lithium battery.
A:We offer reasonable and competitiveprice, and would recommend suitable batteries to our customer. The price are base on different packing and models.

3.Q:What is the MOQ for the battery?
A:Accept small MOQ to use our company brand “TDRFORCE” or “ENERGX” in standard packaging.If OEM MOQ is base on 10000~20000 cards base on different model.Contact us for more details.

4.Q:What is the standard packaging?
A: Standard package is in blister card or shrink pack.
AA and AAA size in 4pcs pack, C and D size in 2pcs pack,
9V usually in 1pcs/card
AG cell in 10pcs/card
CR lithium cell in 5pcs/card

5.Q:Do you also offer other packing?
A: Yes, promotion pack and other display box like 6~48pcs in a pack.

6.Q:How about the battery anti-leakage?
A:First class material,super formula and latest technology,imported production line which ensure our battery quality to avoid leakage.

7.Q:How to do if the quantity less than MOQ?
A:We have plan to solve this issue and suggest client buy stock material and use in next order,for more detail please check with us.

8.Q:Can we have our own packaging design?
A:Yes, sure, customized packagingis available as long as meet the OEM MOQ, please check with us for more details.

9.Q:How long is your warranty?
A:We offer 2,3,5 years warrantyafter order delivery according to different batteries.

10.Q:Warranted terms and policy?
A:The warranty valid from the date when goods arrive your destination. And if any claim occurs during the warranty period. We will ask for sent the evidence,offer favourable after-service.

11.Q:Can you help us for freight.
A:Yes, we also have trust-able forwarders for you option,if you need.

12.Q:What is delivery time?
A:For OEM,Ittake around 30 days after artwork confirm/order. Because battery is much heavy,we suggest to ship by sea,to save the cost for both of us. but we also have documents for by Air if need.

13.Q:What is your terms of payment?
A:We accept T/T,L/C or Paypal.

14.Q:Are you a factory?
A:Yes,We are a group organization. We are manufacture as well as exporter keep researching and developingtechnology make the Explosion-Proof,Anti-dumping cells.

15.Q:Are the samples free?
A:Yes,the samples are free provided, But the courier fee is paid by our customer.

16.Q:Can we visit your factory?
A:Warmly welcome.Once we have your schedule,we will arrange the professional sales team to follow up your case.

17.Q:Whatcertificatesdo you have for you factory?
A:Our factory qualified by ISO90001,ISO14001,BSCI, BASI,WERCE, and Sedex etc.

18.Q:What are certificates you have for the battery?
A:Besides the battery derivative like 2006/66/EC,2013/56/EC,PL102,142, We also one reach,IEC60086,MSDS test by SGS ,TUV,BV or interteck.

19.Q:Can mix old and new batteries?
A:The old and new batteries mix in device, It will reduce overall performance and may caused battery leakage or rupture. We suggest to replace all batteries.

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